Unimplemented help boxes

  1. How does the problem look like?

Some areas in the Hero Overview are unclickable as opposed to the original game. Maybe they are not implemented?
The Hero Icon should show Hero Lore Description.
Hero Primary skills (none of the Attack, Defense, Power, Knowledge),
Hero Secondary skills (none of what the hero has),
Spell Points,
Hero Luck,
Hero Morale,
Hero Specialty.

Other areas:
In Town View - no building shows info when you right click on them
in Spell Book view (from Mage Guild AND from battlefield) - no spell or tab shows info when you right/left click on them

Instead of a windows with info, it shows the right click menu of the browser.

  1. What exactly did you do to trigger it?

Right Click on a certain area in Hero Overview.

A screenshot or video would be fantastic.

AS it can be seen in the image abova, the info for artefacts and creatures are available…and even for the second spell book.

Yes. Most of what you’ve mentioned are help texts stating the obvious (such as description of primary skills); the help system is generally unimplemented. But I will add boxes for hero biography, specialty and some other controls that don’t count as “obvious”.

These are now done. Spell book help is partial: doesn’t show efficiency details such as how much damage the spell deals. Left a to-do comment in code for this.

Add Help Boxes to the Town, Hero and Resources in Advanced Options in Single Scenarios mode.

EDIT: Also add Help boxes in the Heroes Exchange view for spellpoints, morale, luck, hero box

If “hero box” means the hero’s portrait then it should already work, showing the hero info window (both when left- and right-clicking).