The hero does not stop mid road

  1. How does the problem look like?

In the original game you can stop the hero from going forward by clicking anywhere on the map.

In this version, the hero does not stop.

Not only the hero does not stop, but the engine sees the hero already in the final spot.

for example:

  1. In the final spot, anywhere on the map, you can open Hero Overview BEFORE the hero gets there.
  2. Sometimes the Resource Buildings (ore mine) change the Flag BEFORE the hero arrives there.
  3. The treasure Chest gives the content BEFORE the hero arrives and after triggering the hero to get there.
  1. What exactly did you do to trigger it?

Trigger to move a Hero anywhere on the map or flaggable building.

A screenshot or video would be fantastic.

Unfortunately, cannot provide ss/video because this game being based a lot on cursor, it is left out. Do you know any good video recorder/screenshotter?

That’s exactly how it works. When you perform an action, the engine carries it out entirely. Animations lag behind what actually happens behind the scenes (this is especially true in combats where you command a creature, the AI makes lots of actions, the combat ends and all that happens even before your creature ends being animated).

One benefit of this is an ability to “batch” multiple actions without waiting for the first one to finish. For example, you can issue several move orders while the hero walks the path. It used to be the same in combat but I found it to be confusing so it now explicitly disables the combat field from being clickable until all animations end.

The ability to cancel hero movement requires that the game interface does discrete movement one tile at a time pausing while the animation is playing rather than following the entire path. This is not currently implemented.

Check out SnagIt (paid, easy to use, records video from screen) and ScreenToGif (free, records animated GIF from screen).

I have been using bandicam for many years, it allows you to record entire screen, selected application and part of the screen.


Hey @Elmore, nice to see you here! Some of my acquaintances use Bandicam so I suppose it’s also a good choice, and unlike SnagIt it probably has a free version because it puts a watermark over the video.

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I’m using “PicPick - All-in-one Graphic Design, Best Screen Capture and Recording Software, Image Editor, Color Picker, Pixel Ruler and More” over a long period, it’s free for personal use.

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