Tactics skill not working as designed

  1. How does the problem look like?

As it can be seen in the screenshot below, tactics skill allows the units to move 3 hexes AROUND the unit, and not in the first 3 rows of hexes on the unit’s side as in the Original Game. The hero has Basic Tactics.

  1. What exactly did you do to trigger it?

Got tactics skill and entered combat.

A screenshot or video would be fantastic.

I also noticed that there is an issue if you move the creature twice.

You move the creature from A to B, and when it is the creature’s turn again and you want to move it to C, the animation starts from point A.

There’s a cross-issue related to 2hexed creatures (which are problematic too): the tactics skill gives 3 hexes available to move, but for 2 hexed creatures it’s still 3 but it counts from the ‘bottom’ of the creature (left hex for the player, right hex of the opponent) so the 2hexed creature gets to move 2 hexes.

AS A SIDE NOTE: i really like the idea of how tactics work now (3 hexes available AROUND the creature)

Yes, currently a custom mode is implemented. There’s an entry for this task:

Thanks. This mode will remain for use by modifications so the task is simply to implement the classic tactics mode.

Both issues are new to me. Will check that.