Spell Casting issue on battlefield view [2 bugs]

  1. How does the problem look like?

I think it s two bugs:

  1. Hovering over the Walking Dead with Spell Casing does not behave correctly. Please see recording.
  2. The Magic Arrow animation spell does not show up, only when hitting the Walking dead.
  1. What exactly did you do to trigger it?

Hover over the Walking Dead and Cast spell on Walking Dead.

A screenshot or video would be fantastic.

Yay, found a (silly) way to record or take a picture…with my phone haha

EDIT: apparently, the missing animation of spell happens only for the first time when you cast the spell. This might be a loading issue. The first time any spell animation is missing and the second time all play correctly.

EDIT 2: HOWEVER, i noticed that when you hover over the creature with the CAST SPELL animation (the golden drum) it does not toggle the animation. Once the ‘hitting the drum’ animation ends once, the cursor changes to normal cursor.

What exactly is incorrect in your opinion? If it’s lack of cursor animation then it’s a browser’s issue. We currently draw cursors using native CSS capabilities and it doesn’t very well work with animated cursors. Chrome claims to have dropped support for this but at least on my machine it still works (though rarely it doesn’t, and then starts working again).

This issue will go away after proper combat rendering is implemented.

This is also a rendering problem. On local system with files served from local machine animations work better, although still far from perfect. Along with adventure map animation issues, this will be fixed by the improved renderer.

Sorry for not explaining with more details, im still rusty when reporting bugs haha.

So the drums show up only when hoveing over the hex, but not over the body and head of the zombie (as in the OG). And when the cursor is over the hex, it suddently and unnaturally gets placed at the down-right side of the hex.

The Other issue is with the Drum animation that it does not keep repeating itself. When the animation is over, the cursor changes.

This might have to do with a bigger issue that i found. 2 Hexed creatures do not work as intended. Is this a known issue or do i still need to report it?

It’s the same in the OG:


Indeed, both of these problems are related to poor support of animated cursors, as I’ve mentioned in the previous post. This will have to be fixed along with the improved combat rendering.

It’s not known, report it please.