Saved file in does not load in

  1. How does the problem look like?

Not sure if it should be an issue or not, but the saved file from does not load in
However, it can be successfully loaded into

  1. What exactly did you do to trigger it?

Load a saved file in

A screenshot or video would be fantastic.

As it can be seen in the screenshot above, it freezes in this phase for an undetermined amount of time.

I don’t see why the save file shouldn’t load elsewhere. I’ll take a note.

Oh nevermind, even though the saved file successfully loaded into the same portal (, i cannot perform any action within the adventure map ((cannot move hero, cannot view info of the hero - did not try to see the city because i did not own one (the hero in ‘Knee Deep in the Dead’ does not start with a city)).

however, i can open the Settings and perform some action on the right menu, excluding the ‘End Turn’ action which results in this:


Saving in general is currently flaky. There are a number of known problems that I’ll look into after we’ve got basic stuff sorted out.