Problems when enemy attacks ballista

How does the problem look like?

I’ve found two problems that occured after an enemy unit attacked my ballista.

  1. After the attack the ballista retaliated and in its round it could not shoot, like any ranged unit would. It is not a common ranged unit however, it should not retaliate and should not be blocked from shooting by an enemy unit.
  2. After this said enemy attacked my ballista, none of my other units could move on the battlefield, neither could my archer shoot. It is not a visual bug, because clicking on a hex it could step on it does not do so and instead of the archer’s arrow icon the cursor is switched to the “View Info” question mark.

What exactly did you do to trigger it?

Let an enemy reach my ballista I guess?

On which map it happened?

Knee deep in the dead, first I’ve fought the southern pack of walking dead without any problems, then the bug happened during the fight against the western group.

I’ve tried skipping some turns in the hope something will happen, and it turned out that the enemy units are also frozen in place, they also skip their turn without moving or attacking.