Opponent's hero immunity while visiting an object

  1. How does the problem look like?

I cannot attack the opponent hero who entered the building. I can, however, visit the building, fought off the guards and 2 creatures were available to recruit even after the opponent’s hero recruited them.

  1. What exactly did you do to trigger it?

Hover and ivisit the building.

A screenshot or video would be fantastic.

This description is too unspecific for me to reproduce the problem.

Does it happen in multiplayer hotseat mode? Or in multiplayer online mode? Or singleplayer with an AI?

What was the sequence of actions? Have you entered the dwelling with the Red hero, defeated the guardians, hired the creatures, stepped aside and let the Blue hero enter the building, defeat the guardians and hire creatures that were not supposed to be available? Which hero was seen as invulnerable then?

I tried the above in multiplayer online mode but I didn’t get anyone available for hire (as expected) and also successfully attacked the other hero.

Another case in hotseat mode also works properly: when a hero is in the middle of a fight with guardians and you attack that hero, your hero becomes frozen (gray) until the fight ends.