'One or more heroes may still move', while having no movement points left

  1. How does the problem look like?
    I spend all my movement points with Christian and i still receive the message that ‘one or more heroes may still move’.
  2. What exactly did you do to trigger it?
    I end my turn by pressing the Hourglass to end turn and this message appears.
    A screenshot or video would be fantastic.

NOTE: tested in herowo.game one week ago. I saved it as a draft because I could not post any more bugs. I still think it’s worth posting, even though I did not get to test it in herowo.io. I will test it soon in herowo.io.

I think I know what’s the cause. Currently, the hero must have exactly 0 APs in order to be considered “non-movable”. HoMM 3 likely uses some small threshold value instead of 0. It seems logical to use the cost of the best terrain, i.e. the cobblestone road for this.

Do you have any insights about this?

The issue is still on in Herowo.io. Not sure what you mean by ‘insights’. I could not identify any pattern/behaviour.