Hex Grid goes crazy in battlefield view

  1. How does the problem look like?
  1. What exactly did you do to trigger it?

After the opposing creature leaves its initial place, the hex grid margin moves a little to the left.

A screenshot or video would be fantastic.

EDIT: also the hex grid and the movement shadow do not overlap. I know this is another bug, but I cannot start more than 3 topics in 24 hours. and i still have +10 bugs to report.

It’s a built-in protection against spam in Discourse. You should no longer have this limitation.

This must be caused by the problem you’re describing, but I can’t reproduce it on my side:

Does it happen all the time? Do you do anything special?

By the way, if you’re going to report more bugs (and I thank you for that), please examine/record them on herowo.io rather than herowo.game, it uses more deterministic (but slow) algorithms.

Hiii, yes it happens all the time.
Last week, as far as i remeber, the battle screen started ok, but the margin of the hex grid moved along with the opponent’s creature’s first steps. And that was in herowo.game.
Today however, in herowo.io, the hex grid is messed up from the beginning. As it can be seen in the screenshot below, no action was taken.

PS. Thank you for removing spam protection. Please let me know if my reports should be improved in any way, and i will try to comply.

Very strange. Is this in Chrome?

I should have added that “I think you should no longer have this limitation”. If it still pops up – please send me a DM via this forum or other means and I’ll look into it further.

No need to, you’re being a great help!

Very strange. Is this in Chrome?

Oh yes, my bad, i should have thought of testing it in other browsers.

Yes, it is in Chrome. Performed basic troubleshooting (deleted cookies, cache, restart browser).

I tested it in Firefox and it is still bugged, though not as bad. The the vertical lines of the hex grid are slimmer as they should be. I did not perform any action; the battlegroud view started this way.

In Edge it works perfectly as in your video.

Should i prioritize any browser? Indeed, my work companies always recommended my to use edge, but i personally use chrome.

Edge is not much different from Chrome and HeroWO is expected to work in all major browsers, including quite old ones.

I assume this happens both on herowo.game and herowo.io? Asking because it might have some connection to picture scaling that’s enabled on herowo.game but if it happens on herowo.io as well then it’s out of question.