No native hero in tavern on the first day

How does the problem look like?

The tavern does not guarantee a hero native to the start town at the very beginning of the game.

What exactly did you do to trigger it?

I start a single scenario, enter the screen of the start town, build a tavern (if not built), go to the tavern.

On which map it happened?

A terrible rumor, A warm and a familiar place.

A screenshot or video would be fantastic.

IMO, words do better here.


It is an important feature in SoD because only two heroes per week have armies. The competitive way to start the game is to buy T1 creatures in town, hire a native hero and join his army into the army of the start hero. Doing that you often have ~100 T1 units and you can win battles against decent enemies right on the day 1.

Hey Vladimir, nice to see you here!

In the post you have linked to (All Heroes for Hire from the Tavern have the entire army - #2 by HeroWO) I have explained the way heroes are currently chosen, i.e. based on SoD’s HCTRAITS.TXT only. These probabilities can be tweaked and special conditions can be introduced but I need a clear reference for that. Perhaps you can point me to relevant page(s) in FizMig or a similar resource?


Sure. It’s in FizMiG v.2.89, page 315, section “Найм героев”. There is a plenty of text on how taverns work, but the most important is mentioned in first two paragraphs:

At the beginning of each week, starting from the first, the heroes in the Tavern are updated: one of two new heroes (left slot) is native to the player’s starting city (if such heroes remain), and the second hero (right slot) is random, it can also be native (but of a different class). New heroes have standard starting army.
When hiring a hero with a starting army, another one becomes available in the vacated Tavern slot. It is a random hero with an army of 1 creature from the first slot of his starting army. Thus, only 2 heroes with a starting army are available for each player per week.

I suppose I can implement this.

Would you attach the document to your post? Can’t download it.

Here it is: FizMiG_v_2_89.pdf (36,3 МБ)

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Implemented according to the description.